Advanced Business Manager – Industry Solutions
ABM - A Business System for all seasons

Advanced Business Manager (ABM) has been designed and developed by accountants to create the next generation of accounting software for progressive businesses. Building on the past principles of accounting software and paying close attention to the demands of today’s business environment, we have created an innovative accounting and business management system suitable for all industries.

Using the latest technology and integration facilities, ABM is a flexible and advanced business management tool that will benefit you and your business.

ABM is more than just an accounting package; it’s a complete business solution. With Advanced modules and Business Solutions to suit all business and industry diversities, ABM provides systems and platforms for your business to grow. ABM comes in two editions, Small Business Edition and Enterprise Edition, providing systems for a complete range of business sizes without reducing functionality or features, allowing ABM to grow with the business.

Industries Covered

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to use business software which can’t handle the requirements which are important to your particular industry or activity. The ABM suite offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that are created to address the unique needs of industry-specific business requirements. ABM is a flexible, feature rich, robust and expandable solution suited to most industries and business types. As ABM is suited to a wide range of industries, the following are some examples of industries already benefiting from using ABM.

– Inventory warehousing– Security
– Wholesale & Distribution– Telecommunications
– ECommerce– Manufacturing
– Engineering– Customer service
– Construction– Importing
– Office accounting– Retail
– Hiring & service– Wine
– Professional services– Food & Beverage
– Franchising– Financial services
– Warehouse Management– Packaging



The core of ABM’s business solutions is the accounting system. ABM offers a number of Advanced modules and Business Solutions as part of the accounting system to suit an extensive range of industries. This suite of integrated solutions delivers a cost-effective system for businesses requiring a high degree of industry-specific functionality. ABM’s integrated approach enables staff to implement functionality at a pace that fits in with business growth and success.

Easy To Use

ABM sets new benchmarks in ease of use. Quotations, orders, deliveries, invoices – everything follows logically and can be picked up quickly by operators without sacrificing productivity. Furthermore, ABM offers strong integration with Microsoft ® Office with such features as instant emailing through Outlook, import/export facilities to Excel and Word, and reporting options using Excel. This in turn reduces staff training and streamlines the running of your business.

ABM Grows With Your Business

ABM is designed to accommodate a growing business, handling any number of companies and currencies. Built around Microsoft ® SQL Server, ABM is genuinely customisable to suit the needs of your business. ABM suits most business types with the breadth and depth of the core modules and its open architecture and expandability. ABM can scale from a single staff application to support up to 100+ workstations with multi-currency and multicompany capabilities.

In-Depth Security

ABM includes a number of customisable security features. Your staff can be divided into user groups, and each group can then be allocated access rights to specific ledgers, tasks and operations. You can even set up a group to include only one person. In addition, every staff member gets a unique log-in to the system.

Fast Fluent Use

ABM has been developed to provide a system as automated as possible, reducing staff time expenditure and human error. Functions such as:

  • Single data entry
  • “One click” transfer of information
  • “One button” operation
  • Automatic posting of information
  • Scheduled automated tasks
  • Quick item list filtering
  • Automated email alerts for events
  • And so much more…
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